We leave Fagersta around 9am and get in the car for a long day of driving. We plan to go as South as we can in order to have a whole day in Copenhagen tomorrow.

Thanks to the roads (straight! and less speed cameras than up North), the ferry in Helsingborg and Leon, who’s doen’t mind sitting in his Maxi-Cosy a whole day, we arrive at a decent time in Jaegersborg. A place I’ve visited many times before.

It’s an old hunting ground for the Royal family with the kings magnificent hunting lodge in the middle. 

It’s pretty big (10km2) and has a lot of old oak trees, lakes, open fields, a golf course,…etc 

But it’s most famous for the almost 2000 deer that inhabit the park. Around 1500 fallow deer, and 300 pieces of both Sika and red deer.

Normally I visit this park in september, with beautiful autumn colors, and the rut of the red deer being an awesome thing to watch and hear. The deer here are used to people so they’re not really afraid of us. 

Since we want to visit Copenhagen tomorrow and we want a place for the night, I park the car in a small and cosy parking area close to one of the gates of the park. Sanne takes Leon and I take my photogear and off we are for a small but beautiful evening walk.

Ofcourse we come across large herdes of deer. The light is not that good so I try some red deer in backlight. This time of the year they have a sort of fur on their antlers. The fur lights up and even in this “bad light” and during a short time, I try some shots.

Peek-a-boo with the deer!
Is that a baby in a bag???
Somme sparrows behind the deer
We return to the car, eat and after some more cardgames we go to bed.

We wake up by the calling of “mama” and “papa”. Leon had enough sleep and thinks we do too. We eat and I look for a place to park the van during our visit to the capital.

Right next to the marina and pretty close to the trainstation is a place for campingcars. We park the car, take everything for a day in the city and off we are!

The visit to the city is not prepared so the first few hours, we just walk without having a clue. Sylvia sends us some more info and I look things up on the phone. Good thing these things exist.

We drink a beer at Nyhavn, eat lunch at Warpigs in the meatpackers district, stroll through the shopping street and buy drugs in Christiania 🙂 . 

Last but not least, we visit the highly overrated mermaid. Lot’s of people there, even canoes and a waterplane making a liftoff. Weird.

We take the train back to the marina and with the setting sun on the boats, our “last” day is almost over. Tomorrow the ride back to Belgium is planned, with a nightstop in Germany.

Warpigs, in the meatpacking dirstict, Copenhagen
King of the castle!
Nyhavn, Copenhagen
A plane taking off right behind the little mermaid.



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