Tarifs des tirages papier selon le format :
20×30 cm = 20 euro
30×45 cm = 45 euro
40×60 cm = 60 euro
50×75 cm = 80 euro
60×90 cm = 100 euro


Fine Art Prints
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Nearly all images presented on this website are available as Fine Art prints on high quality photo paper. They can be mounted and framed at your request.

For illustration purposes, some standard sizes and accompanying prices are presented below. Please note that orders of more than one print are eligible for a discount.

Need a print in a different size? No problem, just send me a message and we can work things out!

40cm x 30cm

Mounted and Framed €70.00
Just prints €40.00

70cm x 50cm

Mounted and framed €99
Just prints €70.00


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Dibond is a relatively lightweight, yet very rigid aluminium composite material, consisting of a polyethylene core and aluminium cover sheets


•The special aluminium alloy offers increased corrosion resistance and advantages in processing

•Despite its light weight, Dibond is offering high rigidity and perfect flatness, also with thin sheets.

•Excellent exterior stability within a range of temperatures from – 50 to +80°C and minor thermal expansion

•Dibond is environmentally friendly as fully recyclable


Please contact me for more information on Dibond prints!

Note: Prices for packaging and delivery are not included in the prices mentioned above. They depend on the size and delivery location.