10 juni 2018


Plan is to drive to Lysebotn today. A very small town on the end of the Lysefjord. Tomorrow we will be hiking to Kjerag, where the all famous boulder is stuck between the rocks, 1000m high.

Leon wakes us up again around 7am. We take our time to eat and pack. Around half past nine we leave our campsite.

We drive through the Jearen scenic route, but found the boulder landscape from yesterday way more impressive. This route makes us think of the coastal landscapes from the Netherlands but with some more rocks and lighthouses.

We take a right inland and are very quickly surrounded by magnificent mountains, lakes, small villages,…

After driving over a mountain pass, where the snow still makes us think of winter times (when temperatures weren’t above 20°C), we start to descent. The first thing we see here is the place where we will start the hike tomorrow. Then we take 27 hairpin bends to arrive in Lysebotn. 

Apart from a camping and a port for the ferry, nothing is to see here. Not even a shop to buy bread. That’s a soup with some old bread for lunch! Leon get’s his bath in a bucket, but no more pictures today.

Time for a wash!
Camping in Lysebotn, with the mountain we'll be climbing tomorrow in the background!
The next day we leave the camping area at half past 8 and at 9 we arrive 600m higher, at the start of the Kjerag hike. This trail is not an easy one. Said to be for experienced hikers only. 11km and an elevation gain of 800m in total. Let’s see if we can make it!

Sanne puts Leon in his carrying bag and I take everything else: photo camera’s, lenses, food, drinks, clothing for the baby, etc. Sanne takes + 11kg on the back, I take a little more 😉

Off we go! The start is pretty intense, pulling ourselves up on ropes. We’ve done the first climb. 200m higher! We are out of breath. Leon is sleeping. Lucky for us the view here is magnificent! We can see Lysefjord and the place we spent the night.

We have to get further. The next climb is waiting for us! Another though one, but the last one is definitely the hardest! Both of us KO when we reach the top, but it’s so beautiful here. During the hike I take some pictures of people who look very small in the landscape. We have to keep going because Leon is still sleeping. Tssss 🙂

Some hikers on top of the first climb. A tent in the valley.
Crowded place on top of the last climb!
The last part is easy, pretty flat and over some big rocks. 300m before we arrive at the famous boulder Leon thinks it’s time to wake up and ask for some food. We hurry up and set ourselves in between the people already waiting at the viewing point. 

He get’s his food and since it is not yet crowded (we left pretty early) we take the all famous picture of us posing on the rock.
It’s pretty easy to get on the rock and most people will feel comfortable there. Just don’t look down. You will fall 1000m into the Lysefjord if you make a wrong move.
It’s pretty awkward to see people, who are definitely afraid of heights, climb up on the rock.

After 45’, eating, feeding and taking some more pictures we leave. The route back is faster, but still pretty hard. Leon sleeps again off course! Just when we get back at the car it starts to rain. Time to drive as far as we can.

Leon has had a very good day and keeps up the good work by sleeping again! We drive to Sandnes, just outside Stavanger.

Together at the Kjerag viewing point! Lysfjord 1000m down below!
Sanne on the Kjeragbolten!
Because we can!
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I take the pictures and write the blog!

Sam Mannaerts


I plan and fix things!
But sometimes I take pictures too!

Sanne Verhees


Drooling and playing!

Leon Mannaerts


Keep on rollin’

Pössl Roadcruiser B

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