18 juni 2018


A short heads up about the last few days before going on about the Lofoten.
We wake up under a cloudy sky. Time is to drive for the next couple of days. We have to get to Bodø in order to take a ferry to Moskenes. The Lofoten! A dream to get there once. Pointy peaks rising 1000m out of the sea. Let’s see if it’s worth all the fuzz.

Ow yeah, in between Trondheim and Bodø, there’s not that much to see anyway!

Just 1300km more to go. Not something we’ll do in a day. Speed limit is 90km/h max, but most of the time it’s 70km/h. That’s going to take some time.

First day we stop around Soknedal, not so far from Trondheim. Not the most beautiful place, but hey, we’re next to a lake and we’re just here to eat and sleep.

We leave early and have a long day of driving ahead of us. You’d think it’s boring, but the scenery we pass by is phenomenal. An absolute feast for the eye! I would like to make some drone shots of the never-ending landscape we pass by, but the wind is to strong and I wouldn’t like my drone to and up under the other side of the country.

We almost make it to Mo-I-Rana. We take place next to a noisy river. Eat, sleep and repeat. 😉

Up early today and ready for the last few hours of driving. We didn’t book the ferry to Moskenes and have to wait in line for 3 hours before embarking. Leon sleeps and we play some card games. Time flies when you’re having fun! 😉

Finally we can get on the boat. It’s not the first ferry we take in Norway. To start with the crossing from Denmark and some more in Norway itself. This one was by far the worst. And the longest.

You’d expect them to take a new boat for this “long” trip (4h). Nope. The boat takes me back to some time in the 70’s when I wasn’t even born. Old. And not the best friend of waves. It was the first time I’ve taken a boat (and this was not my first boat ride) I’ve seen so many people get sick. Ok, the weather was not so nice, but not that bad either. The puking bags were all over the place. One lady went into the toilet after 20’ and didn’t come out until we arrived in the harbor of Moskenes.

It was a heavy ride for some people.
But Leon keeps having fun!
The arrival made me think of Pirates of the Caribbean. It was raining and we couldn’t see a thing, until at the very last moment huge mountains rose up out of the sea. Cool! 

But still raining. 🙁 We found a place at the harbor, on a camping place and went to sleep. Tomorrow it’s our first day in the Lofoten. It’s supposed to be clear in the morning.

Let’s see what’s going on here!

Arrival at the Lofoten!
Spooky, rainy arrival.
We open the blinds and find the sun to be shining bright! The forecast was right! No plan yet but we’ve slept 4km away from Reine, one of the most famous places in the Lofted. Everyone knows the picture taken from the bridge.

We decide it should be cool to see Reine from above. I could take the drone, but since I don’t like flying above people, the infamous Reinebryggen (445m) hike comes up. 

Infamous because the Norwegian government discourages everyone to go up there. The trail is too steep and too dangerous. Rocks fall, people glide down,… Anyway, in a good summer month 4000 people do the hike. Since 2006, the government is trying to make the hike safer, since everyone keeps doing it anyway. So far the first third of the hike is ok. The rest is professional hand-and-footwork of the hikers. 🙂

Sanne takes Leon and I pack the rest in my photobag (food and clothes for Leon,…). We try to find the start and go. 1,5h later we reach the viewing point. Unbelievable view over this small and cozy town. I take some pictures, Sanne feeds Leon and we get back down. This time it’s professional assgliding that gets us where we want to be. 1h15 later we reach the car again. Tired and hungry, but truly happy with what we received.

The magnificent view over Reine as seen from Reinebringen.
She does it again! Pregnant and with a baby on her back. 445m high!
Reine, the standard postcard picture.
The rest of the day we take it easy. We take time for lunch (at 15pm) and find a camping spot not so far from Hennigsvaer, where I take some drone pictures of the football field lying all the way in between, rocks, the sea and drying fish.

We enjoy the sun while we eat. Tomorrow the sky will be grey again, and maybe some rain too.

The most beautiful football field in the world, I think.
Don't kick the ball too far, please. Hennigsvaer football field.
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I take the pictures and write the blog!

Sam Mannaerts


I plan and fix things!
But sometimes I take pictures too!

Sanne Verhees


Drooling and playing!

Leon Mannaerts


Keep on rollin’

Pössl Roadcruiser B

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  • Siegfried Desmet 18 juni 2018

    Mooi beelden terug, dat voetbalveld … ongelooflijk!!!

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