20 juni 2018


It’s tuesday when we wake up. Raining, like the forecast said it would.

We pack our things because we want to head to the top of Vesteralen, the islands above the Lofoten. Since we almost have to start heading back to Belgium, we will not take the ferry to Senja. Next time maybe!?

We have ca 300km to go. A ride that will take us all the way through the Lofoten en into Vesteralen. 

Low hanging clouds and rain are, besides the incredible landscapes, the only thing we will see today. Photography is not easy. Some pictures are taken through an open window, others by sprinting out of the car, taking 5 pictures and jump back in.

Sheep crossing the road. Sanne took the photo through the open window.
King of the castle. Rain? Where?
At 4pm we arrive in Bleik, some kilometers away from Andenes, the top of Vesteralen, known for its whale watching tours and the ferry to Senja.

Because the rain keeps pouring down, we decide to book into another camping. A small one but just renewed since this year. Very beautiful and we can sit inside and even watch football ;). Leon can play here so we have some space. It wouldn’t have been easy if he would have to play 3 hours on 2 square meters in the van.

Despite the rain we make a walk along the 2,5km long white sand beach. Leon, in a poncho, pressed up against his mothers back.

Normally it would be easy to see the pointy island Bleiksoya from the beach. Now, half of it is covered in clouds. It’s famous for the puffin population living upon it. I skip it. I’ve seen enough of them already and decide to drink a beer inside. Enjoying football and the rain on the other side of the glass. 

After the match we head to bed and hope tomorrow will be better.

Rainy days. Out of the car, take the pic, and run back in!
Bleiksoy in the background. Leon, in his poncho, pressed up against is mothers back. Child abuse? He slept the whole time 😉
It’s after 8am when we wake up. Leon sleeps well in his little tent! 

The weather is better. Still a little rain, but a lot less than yesterday. It’s time to get out of Norway. Sad to say, but the roads in Norway are a lot slower than the ones in Sweden. And if we don’t want to drive 7h a day for the next week, we have to go through this other beautiful Scandinavian country. 3300km to go!

When we start to drive we pass some enormous valleys. This time no rain, so I get to take my drone out a couple of times! Cool to see how these landscapes become a lot more impressive as seen from the sky!

Just out of Bleik, this is the landscape you get to see from the air!
The coastal villages of Andoya.
I did some wildlife photography too today. Out of nowhere a wild moose wanted to cross the street as we approached. Emergency brake and a stop on the side of the road. Window open and I was able to make a few shots before it disappeared in the birch forest. Wonderful!!! 

Sadly we also saw another moose that wasn’t so lucky as the other one. Probably hit by a truck and died on the side of the road.

I’ve been in Scandinavia numerous times, but I can count the moose sightings in broad daylight on one or two hands!

The living moose. A beautiful sight, but to many people very rare.
After some hours of driving we get to the rocky mountain landscape that’s more or less the border between Norway and Sweden. Some more drone shots and just after Abisko national park, in Sweden, we park next to the lake, enjoy some games and call it a night!  Let’s see what tomorrow brings!
The rocky landscape just before the crossing to Sweden.
Sweden it is for our last week!
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I take the pictures and write the blog!

Sam Mannaerts


I plan and fix things!
But sometimes I take pictures too!

Sanne Verhees


Drooling and playing!

Leon Mannaerts


Keep on rollin’

Pössl Roadcruiser B

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