We woke up not far from Hennigsvaer. The sky was a little cloudy, but no rain. Happy us!

It’s a 20km drive to Svolvaer, the “capital” of the Lofoten. Time to check out this place.

A couple of days ago, in Runde, I had the pleasure of seeing a White-tailed eagle from not that far. An impressive view!

In Svolvaer some companies offer a tour in a RIB, a rigid inflatable boat, where you should be able to see and photograph the white-tailed eagle. They also go into the Trollfjord. The Trollfjord is famous for it’s narrow entrance (100m wide) and it’s steep mountain edges. Even the Hurtigruten makes a stop here!

Eventually it was the possibility of close encounters with the eagles that make me do the trip with one of the companies that offer it. 

We couldn’t all get on the boat. It’s not recommended for pregnant people, sorry Sanne, and babies are totally not allowed, sorry Leon. So it it is just me with some other people who get on the boat. We leave the city and and get into eagle territory. 

After 10’ we take a first stop. There should be a pair of eagles breeding here so chances are they will come to the boat. We have some fishes and these eagles tend to love that. 

After 20 seconds the first eagle is flying high above us, waiting for it’s turn to get some food. He has to fight the gulls and terns first, since they follow the boat, knowing there’s food to get here.

I take some pictures as the eagle is getting closer to the boat. Not the best pictures due to the white clouds in the background. I would love an eagle against some mountain background. Next stop maybe!

An eagle getting bullied by a tern.
We go further and stop a few more times. Sometimes the eagles come very close, sometimes they leave us be. I am able to take a whole series of different photos. From close by, to in-the-landscape pictures. Very fun and impressive to see these massive birds fly so close. 

They’re called “flying doors” because it’s dimensions are practically the same: its wing span is easily over 2m. 

Eventually we arrive at the Trollfjord, a small but pretty impressive one. High walls around the entrance which is only 100m wide. Then 3km deep and at max only 400m wide. Some Black guillemots breed here. We take a short stop and head back to some more eagle nesting areas.

The entrance of the Trollfjord.
Close encounter with a Black Guillemot
We stop 3 more times and every time we get some eagles to fly by our boat. Stunning!
I try to take some more pictures from all different angles. Simply very cool to see these birds in this crazy scenery.
And some people just live here! Locked out in winter, but as a summer house this must be super cool!
Summer house, anyone!???
It's a catch!
A "normal" Trollfjord cruise getting a fly by.
Ooww, a bit too close!
Back into the harbor of Svolvaer.
After two hours we have to get back to shore. An amazing ride! I would recommend it to anyone visiting the Lofoten. I did it with Lofoten-explorer (no connection at all 😉 ) , but there are some other companies that offer pretty much the same. You get to see the islands and spectacular birds in supercool scenery!

Sanne is waiting for me in a restaurant, where we eat something. Then it’s time to find a place where we can watch football, since Belgium will be playing Panama at the World Cup at 5pm. 

The same camping as yesterday it will be. They have a large TV screen and no one else but us to see the Belgians win! What a day!!!




I take the pictures and write the blog!

Sam Mannaerts


I plan and fix things!
But sometimes I take pictures too!

Sanne Verhees


Drooling and playing!

Leon Mannaerts

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Keep on rollin’

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